Chapter 1634: Houses Yan and Xiahou

The fellows continued in heated discussion about the Ten Divine Nations’ sixteen beauties.

“That’s right, has Eternal Divine Nation’s Miss Yan Qinghuang come?”

“She shouldn’t have, right?”

“I hear that because of past enmity between their houses, she was reserved by House Xiahou’s Xiahou Zong when she was young?”

“Something like that, yeah. House Xiahou has grown rapidly in recent years, while House Yan has only declined. What a shame. Miss Huang’er is in the top three among the sixteen, but she’s fated to become Xiahou Zong’s cultivation vessel.”

“Isn’t Xiahou Zong worried that he’ll become a public enemy in our circle?”

“Heh, that’s between their two houses. It’s not our place to interfere.”

“That’s not technically wrong, but it’s a waste for someone like her to become a cultivation vessel. What a buzz kill. I think many geniuses will secretly hate Xiahou Zong. If there’s a battle between geniuses of different divine nations in the future, he’ll have no shortage of eager opponents. Many will target...

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