Chapter 1633: Familiar Faces

Jiang Chen soon arrived at the famous Jade Revel Lodge. Contrary to other brothels, it was designed more like a classy garden than a whorehouse. Even the doorkeepers were all great emperor cultivators, a rather mind-boggling detail.

What surprised Jiang Chen the most was the brothel’s demure character. There were no women outside the door clinging to potential clients or flirting with passersby. The entire establishment veered elegant rather than base and crude.

“Jade Revel Lodge is indeed a cut above the usual.” Jiang Chen had never been to a brothel, but he needed to gather information. With his jaw tightened, he entered the door.

Once inside, a staff member immediately came up with a smile. “Sir, are you here for a drink or something else?”

“I’ve heard much about Jade Revel Lodge, so I’ve come to get a glimpse for myself. I’d like to have a few drinks where the action is and experience the atmosphere.” Jiang Chen naturally...

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