Chapter 1632: The Ancient Jade Festival

Traveling past the endless seas, Jiang Chen finally returned to the Bluesmoke Isles. His return to Miracle City found it much more bustling than his last visit. He heard wandering cultivators everywhere discussing the jade festival before he even entered the gates. Listening just a little was enough to yield a large helping of information.

“Hua Ming’s information was on point. The Bluesmoke Isles really did successfully invite the Ten Divine Nations’ peoples to the jade festival!” Jiang Chen was mildly astonished at this. Was it because of the Bluesmoke Isles’ prominence, or the value inherent in the ancient jade at the festival?

He guessed the latter was more likely. Otherwise, there wouldn’t have been so many in attendance from the ten nations in the first place. If the Ten Divine Nations’ largest factions have come, has House Yan as well? The youth’s heart quavered. Would Huang’er be with them?

He felt a certain anticipation about it. In theory, the possibility of...

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