Chapter 1631: Convening At Miracle City

“That’s enough, my friends. There’s no need for you to see me off any further. The most dangerous parts of the sea are past, and this place isn’t far from the Bluesmoke Isles. Don’t worry about me. Go back to Hell King Island!”

Though the Vermilion Bird and Long Xiaoxuan had agreed to Jiang Chen’s suggestion, they wanted to accompany the young man back to Bluesmoke. He refused their goodwill; seeing him through the most dangerous waters was more than enough. After all, it was quite possible they would encounter human cultivators if they went further.

Once that happened, there would be no end of trouble.

Human cultivators were the best at spreading rumors. It would only take a fortnight for news to spread from one person to the entirety of Myriad Abyss Island. These waters wouldn’t be safe after that.

“Remember the Vermilion Feather I gave you, young master Chen.”

“And my dragon scale,” Long Xiaoxuan reminded.

Jiang Chen smiled. “Don’t worry, I’ve put them away for safekeeping. If there’s trouble, I’ll use them for sure. I’m more scared of death than either of you, hahaha!”

The Vermilion...

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