Chapter 1630: Rebirth From Flames, the Vermilion Bird is Reborn

Without the monster’s interference, Jiang Chen and company arrived at Hell King Island very quickly. Even the reefs around the island burned a dull red. There was fire everywhere upon the landmass.

The strangest thing was that plant life seemed to thrive here. In fact, there was plenty of floral coverage. Most of them had a fire attribute to them; it was the purity of the veins of fire energy that enabled them to prosper.

“Brother Long, stay in the outer seas. The inner part of Hell King Island is like a furnace. Can you stand guard for us against that monster’s return?”

Long Xiaoxuan thought for a moment, then nodded. “Sure. I don’t think that thing’ll be coming back any time soon though.”

Jiang Chen tended to agree. Big fish weren't known for their intelligence, but a healthy fear of death was characteristic of almost every living thing.

“Senior Vermilion, I will patrol the skies to prevent you from being disturbed by outside forces. As for any issues deeper into the island,...

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