Chapter 1629: Fleeing in Disarray

Jiang Chen was completely silent, as if he’d entered into a trance. He suddenly leapt up from the Vermilion Bird’s back. “Senior Vermilion,” he messaged, “let’s attack in tandem.”

“No need,” the bird retorted proudly. “I’ll take on this monster myself.”

An ancient, divine fowl bore itself with dignity that befit its bloodline and status. Though it wasn't at peak strength, it didn't see the monster in the deep as an opponent on the same level.

With a ringing cry, it expanded in the wind. Its body instantly became more than ten times its previous size, and a wing-flap sent rows of crimson energy surging outwards.

The bird’s wings oscillated like two giant blades. The fiery aura they exuded created arcs that sliced the very fabric of space itself. Energy crashed into the watery veil that stood in their path.


The red aura disappeared into the water veil with lightning speed. In the next moment, a scar was torn...

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