Chapter 1628: Wild Creature Beneath the Waters

On this day, Jiang Chen and the Vermilion Bird finally crossed the patch of peaceful seas that bordered the waters around Hell King Island.

“Senior, judging from the landscape, we’re getting close. Perhaps we’ve already in the death zone.” Jiang Chen was hit with a looming sense of danger as soon as they crossed that invisible border. There was a tangible feeling that they’d entered a completely different domain.

The Vermilion Bird snorted disdainfully. “Worry not. As long as I’m here, nothing will dare show their face.”

It had the bloodline of a sacred beast’s bloodline, after all; there was an inherent air of dominion to it. They were drawing close to Hell King Island. Even if great dangers lay await, the Vermilion Bird wouldn't let anyone interfere with its rebirth.

Nonetheless, the turbulence was growing noticeably stronger. Even the Vermilion Bird had to slow down considerably to handle it...

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