Chapter 1627: The Vermilion Bird’s Peak Strength

Jiang Chen stayed in Miracle City for just one night. He checked out the next day, leaving Hua Ming with enough spirit stones and means to survive before discreetly skipping town. 

He also bought a map of the neighboring seas and marked the location of Hell King Island. Miracle City was the closest major city, but there was still close to two hundred thousand miles between the two.

The journey was a dangerous one, especially when one reached the radius a few thousand miles around the island. That was no man’s land. Most cultivators avoided going through the area.

“Young master Chen, this spirit must thank you for all you’ve done for me. If I can complete my rebirth, I promise to pay you back with all of my strength.”

The Vermilion Bird greatly valued its oaths and the bonds he shared with others. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have stuck to its guarding duty for so many years, just because of a promise to the Primosanct Sect.

“We’ve been through hell and back together, Senior Vermilion....

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