Chapter 1626: Miracle City

“What? She wants to leave the residence? Impossible!” The house elders’ gut reaction was to oppose Huang’er’s idea.

What kind of colossal joke was this? They’d gone to the trouble of sending Elder Xi to bring her back from the human domain. And while they were very thankful that a completely healthy Huang’er had returned, she was now held under virtual house arrest for the sole purpose of fulfilling their oath to House Xiahou. The grudge could finally be resolved without further loss then.

This was a shared thought of almost every member of the clan. Everyone knew that nothing more could be allowed to happen to Huang’er. If anything did, they would fail their delivery.

If House Xiahou got another excuse to stir up any more trouble, there was no way it would hesitate at forcing House Yan into complete submission.

Everyone’s nerves were taut. Everyone was worried something unexpected would happen again.

“I think we’ve treated the girl far too nicely after bringing her home.”

“Why not...

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