Chapter 1625: Huang’er’s Shock

Huang’er appeared to be treated as the eldest young miss of the house still. No one in the entire house dared disrespect her. However, she also felt a deep-seated helplessness. She knew full well that no one in the clan actually cared much about her. They just didn’t want to press her, out of concern that she might commit suicide due to depression.

She was cooped up and kept out of the way; a future cultivation vessel delivery to House Xiahou. This was a promise the house had committed to many years ago, and a mark of shame upon the family.

Alas, the passage of time had dampened the indignance of the latter. But as a token in the exchange, Huang’er herself hadn’t been forgotten. Everyone knew the importance of keeping her intact. House Yan couldn’t suffer House Xiahou’s indignant rage otherwise.

She was clever enough to understand all the details, but wise enough to know she couldn’t turn the tables yet. Instead of causing trouble, she bided her time closely.

If there were any miracles...

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