Chapter 1624: Long Xiaoxuan Breaks Through to Empyrean

“Master… was that… was that really a legendary true dragon?” Hua Ming’s mouth was dry. His brain was frying just trying to process all this information. He’d lived in Oriole Valley all his life and had never seen anything remotely grand. Seeing a dragon was an incredibly eye-opening experience.

“Yes,” Jiang Chen smiled faintly.

Hua Ming’s eyes opened wide. He was shaken down to his core. “I thought… true dragons were sacred creatures that only showed up… in stories?” he swallowed. “Will the dragon become a divine spirit one day?”

“Sure,” Jiang Chen agreed readily.

Thought was driven out of the boy’s mind. He was beginning to get the feeling why his master had said he didn’t care much about the Ten Divine Nations. If a true dragon served his master, what did that mean for the latter’s origins?

Is there something even greater than the Ten Divine Nations? Hua Ming felt his little mind overloaded with realization. He couldn’t say a single word for the longest time.

“That’s enough of that, I think....

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