Chapter 1623: Slaughter

Hua Ming delighted at the dominance of his new master. My master is mighty alright!

Jiang Chen continued onwards, looking for a sufficiently secluded spot. If he was going to take action, he wanted to ensure the total obliteration of his pursuers without it being traced back to him.

The wilderness was a rather large place, and completely abandoned. Jiang Chen slowed his steps upon reaching a thicket. He landed after a moment of observation.

“After the fighting starts, stay near me,” he informed Hua Ming. “Don’t panic.”

“Yes, master.” Hua Ming was extremely excited. This was his first time participating in a fight. Though he had no combat ability to speak off, he was nevertheless brimming with enthusiasm.

Jiang Chen patted the boy on the shoulder. “Don’t worry. Calm yourself. You’ll see many more like these in the future.”

A few casual motions were enough to set up a concealment formation. The duo disappeared within the thicket.

“Remember, don’t speak or...

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