Chapter 1622: Surprise, Gaining An Apprentice

At the end of the day, Ming Hua was still just a minor ruffian from Oriole Valley. He was quick-witted and well-informed, but core matters were still foreign to him.

Jiang Chen would have to travel to a bigger place in the Bluesmoke Isles to learn more. With his current abilities, traveling to the Ten Divine Nations wouldn’t be much of an issue, but barging into House Yan and taking Huang’er away with him was a different matter entirely.

Thus, he felt it’d be wiser to carefully plan out the matter than hope for overnight success. The Eternal Divine Nation was participating in the coming event as well. It’d be a good opportunity to obtain more information. If the stars aligned, Huang’er might even be present!

He didn’t need to take her away immediately. Seeing her and knowing about her current status would be enough to give him great comfort. But will Huang’er be interested in an event like this? Will her clan even let her venture into the outside world?

Uncertainties brimmed.

No matter. Let’s take things...

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