Chapter 1621: Resolution

The lawkeepers were observant and knew how to resolve a conflict. In only a split second, Captain Qiu had made a decision, and the best decision given the known facts.

Even Jiang Chen was surprised by the captain’s decisiveness. He’d thought that the captain would cause more troubles and further complicate the issue, but unexpectedly, the captain decisively cut through all the nonsense. 

That gave Jiang Chen newfound respect for the Oriole Valley’s operations, and the overall management of the Bluesmoke Isles.

He smiled. Given the resolution, he wouldn’t needlessly drag on the argument since he was the one who’d benefitted. He cupped his hands at the captain. “I naturally respect Captain Qiu’s final say. Your judgement is fair. Oriole Valley has left a good impression on me!”

With a faint smile, Captain Qiu calmly declared, “Oriole Valley is a place where logic and reasons reign supreme. In the Bluesmoke Isles, we also believe in prioritizing rationality.”

Those were pretty, empty words. Jiang Chen took them with a grain of salt. Still, he was satisfied with the way the...

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