Chapter 1620: Conflict

In contrast to Hua Ming, Jiang Chen maintained his calm, not losing his composure even when caught in a hostile situation. He stood tall with a relaxed expression, lacking the usual nerves or fear that one in trouble would usually possess. 

His presence was arresting. The crowd couldn’t help but think that perhaps he really was someone important.

Even the shopkeeper reconsidered Jiang Chen carefully. He’d spent his life observing customers and had his own ways of reading people. This young man, however, he couldn’t get a handle on.

Jiang Chen wasn’t dressed particularly opulently and thus didn’t look like a noble scion from the Ten Divine Nations. But his temperament, calm attitude, and irresistible presence on the other hand, did indeed resemble those of the aristocrats.

The shopkeeper couldn't come to a conclusion just yet.

The Northcrown Five were wandering cultivators and had a fair bit of status in the jianghu. But naturally the store couldn’t possibly risk offending an aristocrat of the Ten Divine Nations for some wandering cultivators.

Everyone knew the...

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