Chapter 162: The Renewal Purity Pill

Chapter 162: The Renewal Purity Pill

If it’d been anyone else, they would’ve hesitated a bit before kowtowing and taking the oath. They’d be concerned about their personal gain, weigh up their face, and consider gains and losses from all aspects.

But old man Fei was quite straightforward as he immediately kowtowed.

After he kowtowed, he didn’t stand up and voice some pleasantries like ordinary folks, neither did he feel regret, anger, or humiliation.

Old man Fei did nothing of that sort. He put on his thickest skin and drew close to Jiang Chen with a smile. “Young master, old Fei is one of yours from now on. You wouldn’t let one of your own come off worse, would you now?”

He rubbed his hands as he talked, and his expression was as wily as it could be. His eyes looked around shiftily and he looked quite comical.

It was Jiang Chen’s turn to be left without a comeback this time. He’d thought that this old man would struggle for a bit, contemplate it for a while, or even angrily reject it.

Who would’ve thought that this old man would be so decisive?

In this way, Jiang Chen didn’t even have the grounds to be demure and modest even if he wished to.

“Old man Fei, will you really have no regrets about this?” Jiang Chen asked faintly.

“Regret what? I, old man Fei, have...

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