Chapter 1619: Fighting For Possession

A single pile of jade this size totaled several dozen million sky spirit stones. Hua Ming cleared his throat, completely ignoring the staff member’s mildly disgusted expression. “What kind of discounts are you offering?”

“No discounts.” The staff member glared at Hua Ming, clearly dissatisfied with the presence of such a pain-in-the-ass. What was the point of the kid?

“No discount? Don’t try to trick my employer here just because he’s a foreigner. I was born here through and through. Every jade vendor in Oriole Valley gives discounts, yeah? A man of his prominence definitely deserves one.”

“Who are you, if I may ask?” the staff member glanced at Jiang Chen.

“Hmph. My employer is an important guy from the Ten Divine Nations. You can guess at his actual identity. He’s making a rare visit to the Bluesmoke Isles. You don’t wanna leave a bad impression, yeah?” Hua Ming was certainly a master of pretension.

Jiang Chen grinned wryly when he heard how important he was supposed to be. Still, he didn’t deny it. Now that the words were...

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