Chapter 1618: Bluesmoke Jade

Hua Ming was a bit flustered. Still, he jogged up when he saw Jiang Chen walk forward.

“Hey, hey, brother, hold on a sec.” He was a persistent boy and quite thick-skinned; he had a way of life that was all his own.

Jiang Chen halted. “Your job is done,” he smiled coolly. “I’ve paid your fee, haven’t I? Go do business with someone else.”

“Just now was an accident,” Hua Ming defended himself enthusiastically. “I haven’t shown you my haggling skills yet. I’m not an expert on spirit herbs, you know. But jade – that’s my specialty. You won’t go wrong if you listen to me about that. You’ll save tons!”

Jiang Chen didn’t know what to say or do about Hua Ming’s stubbornness. I suppose there’s no problem having a temporary follower during my leisurely jaunt.

“Stay with me if you want to.” He shrugged.

Hua Ming thumped his chest with enthusiasm. “Alright! You’ll discover how good I am soon enough, just like how horses really shine after long distances. I don’t boast for no reason, you know!”

As a youngster...

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