Chapter 1616: Hell King Island

Jiang Chen didn't think the sum too high. Rather, he found it suspiciously cheap. Was Hua Ming’s information really worth anything?

“A hundred sky spirit stones isn’t much at all. If your information is confirmed to be worthwhile, I’ll give you two hundred. If it’s amazingly useful, I’ll give you five. How about it?”

Five hundred sky spirit stones was a grain of sand on a beach for Jiang Chen. He was wealthier than a newly made tycoon. He wouldn't be outshone even by the rich of Myriad Abyss.

After all, Shu Wanqing had possessed an amazing amount of wealth. Most importantly, the human domain had only a handful of empyrean experts. All the best things had been concentrated in their hands.

However, empyrean experts were everywhere in Myriad Abyss Island. A single empyrean expert tended to be far less wealthy in light of that. Therefore, the experts of Myriad Abyss were far poorer than Shu Wanqing had been.

“Truly?” Hua Ming’s eyes lit up. His expression was incredulous.

“Absolutely.” Jiang Chen was the epitome of certainty.

“Alright, ask away....

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