Chapter 1615: Bluesmoke Isles

“Welcome to the Bluesmoke Isles, friend.” As soon as Jiang Chen landed, lawkeepers flew out to politely block the way. There was sharpness beneath their affable guise.

Their training and skill were evident. Though they were only great emperors, their spirit and morale was high. They were a well-trained and patriotic bunch; they wouldn’t exude such auras of vigor otherwise.

Jiang Chen smiled and nodded in acknowledgment, but said nothing in return.

“First time in Bluesmoke, friend?” a square-jawed officer inquired courteously.

“That’s right. I’ll be in your care during my stay,” the young man assented.

The officer nodded in turn. “The Bluesmoke Isles welcome cultivators from all over the world. We do have a few rules here, and you’ll find your journey to be quite pleasant should you follow them.”

Jiang Chen was quite satisfied with their attitude. “Don’t worry,” he replied affably. “I’m not here to cause trouble. Inform me of those rules and...

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