Chapter 1614: Each To Their Own

Both Yong Peng and Xing Hui were stunned by this detail. They had thought Jiang Chen’s pursuers were merely people from Winterdraw. So they were from Polylore…

And yet, Sir Jiang didn't seem to care very much about being hunted by Polylore’s experts. 

“Sir Jiang,” Yong Peng asked cautiously after quite a while. “Who from Polylore…”

“Three mid empyrean experts. I killed a few of their houses’ geniuses, so they’re after me. They should be behind me now, though. You should consider well what your plans next are. I’ll look for a place to drop you off. It’s not safe for you to be with me.”

Jiang Chen had saved them partially because it’d been convenient to do so. He wasn’t looking to be repaid with anything.

Xing Hui thought about it for a moment. “US father and daughter would like to find a more secluded place to live out our lives. The Ten Divine Nations isn’t a suitable place for us.”

He knew the extent of his capabilities. Someone of his strength...

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