Chapter 1612: Starfate

Insecurity crept into Prince Huo after the faction heads had left. He couldn't help but glance in the chief warden’s direction. “Old Ding, are they really reliable? They seem dutiful on the surface, but what if they’re just voicing words we want to hear? Won’t they run away if they get the chance to?”

The chief warden shook his head. “I can’t say for sure, but I’ve already planted a few pieces that can be discarded.” He made a throat-slitting gesture.

Prince Huo nodded. “Very good. You’ve done well. But I’m still worried. Under these circumstances, can their men really stabilize the situation?”

“Hmph! we’ll just have to wait and see! They don’t deserve their positions if they can’t even handle a small incident like this!” The chief warden snorted coldly. He snuck a glance at the five aristocratic houses and transmitted a mental message to Prince Huo....

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