Chapter 161: Old Man Fei Begging to be a Medicine Servant (Teaser)

Chapter 161: Old Man Fei Begging to be a Medicine Servant

Although the matter with the Dragonteeth Guard this time had remained within a small, tight knit circle, Jiang Chen’s name became a hot topic that no one could veer away from.

However, Jiang Chen paid no heed to the goings on in the outside world.

He now had gained both the identity of a noble and a manor. He finally had a place to stay within the Skylaurel Kingdom, and all was proceeding on the proper path.

“The next step is to assail the spirit realm. With my current foundations, assailing the spirit realm isn’t much of a problem. The key point is cleaving open the spirit ocean. The level of my spirit ocean will determine the height of my future path in martial dao. Unfortunately, I currently haven’t had much dealings with spirit realm practitioners, and don’t have much direct knowledge of this world’s spirit practitioners.”

Jiang Chen tried hard to think back. He’d had a few dealings with the spirit realm disciples of the Purple Sun Sect back in the Eastern Kingdom. When he’d arrived in the Skylaurel Kingdom, he’d had a few more run-ins with the Northern Palace disciples.

Of course, the Northern Palace was just a satellite site of the Precious Tree Sect, and their so-called spirit realm practitioner were just all...

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