Chapter 1609: The Door in the Void

Jiang Chen focused all his knowledge and faculties on observation. He was perpetually struck with a feeling that he didn’t quite understand the whole.

“What’s this formation doing here?” He was wracking his brains trying to figure out its purpose. “If this were a sealing formation, wouldn’t it have the characteristics of one? But it doesn’t. If it was an offensive formation, why would it be located in the depths of the mountains? And what would it be defending if it’s a defensive one?”

Jiang Chen’s brain brimmed with various thoughts and hypotheses. Sadly, none of them satisfied him. His mind whirred into action. “A formation is made for a singular purpose. Those Winterdraw people care a lot about the forbidden grounds, which means this formation must be even more important than I thought. But what is it used for?”

He couldn’t understand. The formation was virtually impenetrable. This was the...

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