Chapter 1608: The Enormous Stone Formation

Xuan Zan blinked. “How do we smoke him out?”

Xue Yi was just as confused and looked at Kuang Han.

Kuang Han harrumphed. “A concealing talisman can hide his position in the air, but it doesn’t allow him to simply disappear. He’ll be revealed if we unleash an omnidirectional attack on this patch of space!”

Xuan Zan and Xue Yi were both overjoyed. The idea didn’t sound complicated, but they hadn’t thought of it in their haste.

“We’ll go with that,” Xuan Zan smiled cruelly. “We’ll each be in charge of a subdivision.”

“No rush,” Kuang Han replied coolly. “Our men are about to arrive. Have them lock down a hundred miles of space. I estimate it’s impossible for him to flee past a hundred miles if he can’t fly or otherwise transport himself!”

“Heh, allow me to demonstrate.” Xue Yi suddenly cackled. “House Xue has a method that is perhaps especially suited for this purpose.”

Kuang Han’s eyes lit up. “Are you speaking of the Demonhowl Zither?” he inquired...

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