Chapter 1606: Tracking With A Secret Art

After breaking with Imperial Prince Huo and Warden Ding, the three houses began to take a more aggressive route. They no longer avoided formations and traps, destroying any that stood in their way.

It increased the speed of their advance by a considerable amount, but carried the risk of notifying those that they pursued.

“My fellow daoists Xuan Zan and Xue Yi. Please hear me out.” After two hours, Kuang Han began to think that their current method was too blunt. He extended a request for communication to the other two houses.

They gathered together once more.

“What do you think about all this, Daoist Kuang Han?” Xue Yi asked.

“I’ve been thinking about Warden Ding’s words. His attitude wasn’t good, but he had a point. This place just might be a forbidden place from an ancient heritage. Given our numbers, we’ll suffer a loss we can’t afford to if we just charge in blindly.”

The eight houses were visiting the Rejuvenation Isles with only elites, which...

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