Chapter 1605: A Difference in Opinions, Breaking Away

“Imperial Prince Huo, Warden Ding. I don’t see any sincerity from your guides. Don’t blame us for not giving you face from now on!” Kuang Han’s expression was completely black.

The chief warden was astonished. “What are you planning, Master Kuang Han?”

“From now on, we three houses are taking control of this place. We will set the route and plan the pursuit. If you would like to follow us, feel free. If not, you can leave now,” Kuang Han announced.

“That seems a little ill-advised, Sir Kuang Han,” Imperial Prince Huo’s face changed color. “The deeper you go, the more restrictions there are. If you don’t know the territory, you’ll end up going slower…”

The imperial prince’s words made a certain amount of sense.

“Honored sirs, the imperial prince is telling the truth. Without us to guide you through the Blackwraith Mountains, you will go even more slowly than we are now,” Warden Ding advised.

Xuan Zan snickered. “You think we can’t live without your help? Absurd! You are mere frogs at the...

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