Chapter 1604: A Fugitive’s Flight

The large-scale manhunt reached the edge of the forbidden area not long after Jiang Chen passed through the restriction zone.

Inspecting the scene together with the three houses’ upper echelons, Xuan Zan nodded after a moment. “Gentlemen, do you see what I’m seeing? There are clear traces of damage to the formations. This must be where the suspects went inside the second level. They can’t be very far, especially the impostor. We must catch him at all costs!” 

“That’s right, our houses can’t afford this sort of humiliation!”

“Warden Ding, are you going to lift the restrictions, or shall I do it by force?” Kuang Han glared coldly at the chief warden.

The latter threw a helpless glance at Prince Huo, waiting for his decision.

The crestfallen prince waved his hand. “Lift them then.” He raised a cupped fist salute at the three houses. “Gentlemen, this junior has but one...

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