Chapter 1603: No Other Options

The other five houses had now changed their minds. Instead of leaving, they now wanted to stay and enjoy the show. 

Of course, they weren’t kind enough as to provide assistance.

Rejuvenation Isles couldn’t ignore the combined wrath of three noble houses. Imperial Prince Huo, Commander He, as well as important figures from Winterdraw were all on site. The most apprehensive one right now was Sin City’s lord, Xie Wushuang.

The three houses might have lost six geniuses between them, and contestants from his city were the most likely culprits.

“Xie Wushang, look at what you’ve done. Explain yourself to our noble guests!” The chief warden berated, keen to shirk his responsibilities and throw the hot potato to the city lord.

However, the latter retorted, his face a picture of innocence, “Lord Warden, your servant’s devoted himself heart and soul to organize the selection at your behest. I’m confident my due diligence has been...

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