Chapter 1602: The Plan Falls Apart

Without a doubt, there was a complicated relationship between the eight great houses. Some even rejoiced at the bad luck that had befallen Houses Kuang, Xuan, and Xue. Why would they side with these three houses to make things difficult for Rejuvenation Isles? 

Not to mention, the agreed-upon plan was to leave the island and return home as soon as the trial ended. Why would they delay the journey for the sake of rival houses?

Kuang Han shouted angrily, “Easy for you to say!”

“Heh, Kuang Han, should we waste our precious time for your private business? I don’t remember your house commanding so much influence.”

“How about this? Those willing can stay while the rest of us take our leave.”

Sitting on the side, Jiang Chen secretly gave these fellows a big thumbs up. He naturally hoped to leave as fast as possible to avoid possible complications.

Kuang Han glanced at...

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