Chapter 1601: The Situation Explodes

Three were missing from House Kuang, and one each from Xuan and Xue. The situation exploded. House Kuang’s seniors especially couldn’t sit still. 

They could’ve accepted the loss of one genius. After all, no trial was a hundred percent safe. However, they’d lost all three! This was a complete wipeout. How could they accept such a travesty? This was tantamount to just straight up killing them.

These seniors couldn’t imagine how they would relate the situation to their patriarch. And how would the elders react?

“Imperial Prince Huo, how come we’re missing five people?” One of House Kuang’s seniors interrogated the imperial prince rather brusquely.

The prince’s palms were clammy with sweat. The five that hadn’t come out yet were probably dead.

“Master Kuang Han, perhaps something is holding them up inside? Perhaps we should send an expedition to look for them?” He turned to the chief warden. “Old Ding, send in a group of your best subordinates in to search. Remember, you must at least find some clues as to their whereabouts. Search...

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