Chapter 1600: As If Armageddon

This group was even fiercer and more murderous. Furthermore, the patriarch led it personally. It was none other than House Kuang!

House Kuang was top three among the eight houses. The fact that its patriarch was here greatly surprised both Houses Xue and Xuan.

Has House Kuang also…

The elders of the two houses traded a glance. Their burning anger was strangely somewhat abated at the sight of House Kuang’s more severe fury. They could see that House Kuang had it a lot worse than they did. The patriarch himself wouldn’t have come otherwise.

The Kuang patriarch was a bit surprised to see the other elders. “You’re elders from House Xuan and Xue, no?” he inquired coolly.

In response, the elders from the other two houses stepped aside for him.

“You came with such momentum, Patriarch Kuang. Would you like to use the transmission formation as well?” Elder Zun couldn’t help but ask.

“As well?” Patriarch Kuang clearly didn’t want to lose face before...

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