Chapter 160: You’re Right, I am Indeed Quite Proud

Chapter 160: You’re Right, I am Indeed Quite Proud

The capital of the Skylaurel Kingdom, in front of Jiang Chen’s new manor.

“What? Who did you say you were?” Qiao Shan put one hand up to his ear with the composure of someone who had not heard properly. “I say, did you not eat your breakfast or something? Can’t you speak louder?”

Lu Wuji’s face was livid. Such humiliation!

How could he not realize that Jiang Chen’s personal guard was purposefully shaming him and riling him up?

But, given the circumstances, as awesome as he, Lu Wuji was, he didn’t dare to raise a fuss. He firmly repressed the anger within his heart and raised his voice, “I am Lu Wuji and I am here to offer my apologies to Jiang Chen.”

“Lu Wuji?” Qiao Shan started and turned back to the companions by his side. “Who’s Lu Wuji? Have you guys heard of him?”

The others all chuckled and shook their heads.

How could Lu Wuji not know that these personal guards were purposefully making fun of him? With his usual lofty and arrogant demeanor, Lu Wuji almost wanted to pull his sword out on these fellows who were insulting him.

However, his remaining bit of reason had yet to be swept away by hatred. He gathered up his courage and said loudly, “Brothers, I’ve already brought the items that the master of your house wanted. It was my fault previously for not seeing Mt. Tai....

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