Chapter 1599: Soul Lamp Destroyed

Since he didn’t kill me, there should be no reason for him to lie. Based on past experiences, I have a strong feeling that he's speaking the truth. I'll be walking right into their trap if I leave now. 

Time was running out; it was time to make a decision.

After a moment's contemplation, Su Hong gave the exit a glance. A cold smirk played at the corners of his mouth. He turned decisively back and headed deeper into the mountains.Clearly, he’d dismissed the idea of leaving the mountains. 

It was an extremely risky move. If the outer formation were to close, he'd never be able to leave until it was activated once more.

The environment in the Blackwraith Mountains was extremely harsh and unforgiving. Survival for half a month was perhaps doable, but death was almost certain if one had to stay for any longer than that. 

Unfortunately, he had no other choice. He’d rather risk certain death than face a wrongful murder. 


Rewinding time back a few days.

In a distant nation roughly three hundred...

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