Chapter 1598: Everything Comes To Him Who Sets His Mind On It

Jiang Chen relaxed after learning everything he wanted. As for these fellows, he naturally couldn’t spare them. He stripped them clean of their house possessions before sending them to the afterlife.

The thought of disguising himself as one of the three crossed his mind, but he ultimately decided against it. He’d seen very little of their fighting styles and methods, and was too short on time to study them.

He chose to stick to the original plan and keep playing the part of Xuan Rui. The three were merely an unexpected interlude. He’d been pressed for time to begin with, and they’d only made it worse. He still hadn’t obtained the gray cloak integral to his strategy.

“I really need to find the cloak in the little time I have left.” Jiang Chen remained determined.

He’d wandered all over the mountains in the past few days, but hadn’t spotted another scion of House Xuan yet.

“Xuan Rui ranks...

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