Chapter 1597: A Clean Sweep

However, Jiang Chen wasn’t fooled by the show of humility. The pride of a scion from a great houses was too deeply entrenched to conceal behind a veneer of sincerity. Given a chance to, the fellow would stop at nothing to strike at Jiang Chen, especially since the young lord was the sole witness of this so-called genius’ ugly side. 

There was also no need to kill Kuang Rong straight away. The man still had obvious value. Want to play? Then I’ll play along.

Jiang Chen smiled faintly. “Bravo, a real man knows when to be flexible. You’re smarter than Xuan Rui at least. So have a guess. What do you think I desire most right now?”

“What do you desire most?” Kuang Rong blinked. He stared at his captor for a long while before inspiration finally seemed to strike. He murmured, “I don’t know your distinguished self’s concrete identity. You’re too strong and talented to be prey for the eight great houses....

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