Chapter 1596: Entrapped

My plan to leave will be jeopardized if I don’t kill them, but killing them also has its own risks. The eight great houses will become suspicious if too many geniuses die. My cover might be blown then. 

Caught between a rock and a hard place, Jiang Chen silently swore at Kuang.

“Oh well, my plan is dead in the water anyways if I don’t kill them.”

After mulling it over, he finally chose to take action. He’d previously been of a mind to use this as an experience to temper himself, but now was the time for decisive killing. That was the best way to ensure he’d stay under the radar.

His mind operated at top speed as he formulated a strategy. His opponents were three, but there was an enormous disparity in their cultivation levels. 

He could get rid of them one by one if everything went according to plan.

“So there’s twenty four geniuses in total. Another three deaths will make it five...

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