Chapter 1595: Encountering More Trouble

Although Jiang Chen was thoroughly disgusted and reviled by Polylore Divine Nation’s eight aristocratic houses, and utterly hated the Rejuvenation Isles for tricking him – he was secretly rather pleased after thinking everything through. This was his big chance, the best he’d had so far after coming to Winterdraw.

Without it, heavens knew how long he would had to wait.

“Who should I pretend to be?” Jiang Chen sank into thought. It wasn’t hard for him to pretend to be Xue Feng. He had wholly absorbed the youth’s source of the Nether Flames. It wasn’t difficult to mimic the evil spirit possession or the giant sword arm, either.

The same was true for Xuan Rui. He had been the most practiced with ocular skills and archery; and so was Jiang Chen. Moreover, Jiang Chen was intimately familiar with Xuan Rui’s aura and behavior after fighting him. 

But who should he choose?

He came to a decision reasonably...

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