Chapter 1594: Breaking Through Mid Great Emperor

As Xuan Rui thought extremely highly of himself, being made fun of was something he absolutely despised. Because of this, he could no longer control his impulses. Murderous intent rose. He was bent on going on the offensive. His archery skills would be more than enough to take the initiative, at which point he would shoot his opponent dead.

Xuan Rui roared, acting on his conclusion. His entire body rippled with energy, disturbing the air around him. His third eye opened once more.

When he saw the sight, Jiang Chen knew that his opponent could no longer sit still. He’s taking risks! Fantastic.

He hadn’t begun the fight because he’d wanted to compete with his opponent’s dao heart. Xuan Rui’s impatience and interest in fighting pleased him; now was his chance to slay his opponent in one go!

Jiang Chen and his Holy Dragon Bow began to charge up as well. He gathered power from his true dragon bloodline.

Because of the...

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