Chapter 1593: Facing Off With Archery Skills

The second stranger was ranked higher than Xue Feng among the twenty-four geniuses of the eight houses. Xue Feng had been seventh or eighth, though people in the top ten often rated themselves able to compete with the top five.

In actuality, those solidly among the top five were easily head and shoulders above him. The new stranger in the grey cloak was named Xuan Rui. He was fifth among the twenty-four geniuses. He had earned his rank through repeated intense competition, and thus the number held water. 

However, he was no better than that. All who were ranked higher than him deserved their ranks too.

As the fifth ranked genius among all the young geniuses of Polylore’s eight houses, his talent was definitely exceptional in his generation. In fact, he was the cream of the crop in the entirety of Myriad Abyss Island. There were perhaps only two hundred able to compete with...

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