Chapter 1592: The Truth

Another cloaked person. Jiang Chen was shocked by the scope of the situation. Cloaked genius after cloaked genius, each stronger than the next. The newcomer surpassed his predecessor in both poise and strength. Jiang Chen sobered up even more so.

“Polylore Divine Nation? The eight houses?” He glanced at the latest stranger with emotionless eyes.

This new stranger cut an odd figure. Whenever he moved, a watery ripple surrounded him. It was difficult to lock onto him. He bore an ancient carved bow upon his back, his eyes sharp and incisive. Someone with a weak consciousness would’ve been utterly crushed with a simple sweep of the eye.

“Not bad. You’re rather exceptional among the natives on Winterdraw to be able to defeat that Xue Feng so handily.” The new stranger’s voice was as indistinct as his person.

Jiang Chen smiled faintly, his heart as astute as a polished mirror. Xue Feng huh?

“Why don’t we go with...

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