Chapter 1591: Continued Surprises

Without considering any other factors, Jiang Chen was only certain that his consciousness was superior, and an overwhelming advantage at that. His opponent was more than a match in terms of speed, martial potential, and combat ability. 

The fight was turning white-hot. Jiang Chen noticed through his consciousness that his opponent wasn’t much interested in fighting anymore after repeated failed moves. In fact, he seemed to be looking to retreat.

No way. It took a lot of effort to get him here. If he escapes, wouldn’t all the clues just dead end? This compelled Jiang Chen to lead the fight to where the Soulless Powder of Wind and Cloud was scattered.

The man in the black cloak found his composure slowly turning to impatience. He hadn’t expected his opponent to be still standing. His cards were largely spent. Was his opponent really just a candidate from Winterdraw?

Resentment and doubt filled his heart.


The impact of fist...

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