Chapter 1590: Countless Divine Arts

The Bewitching Lotus of Fire and Ice was a heavenly rank spirit creature that’d grown synonymously with Jiang Chen. 

The Nether Flames were terrifying, but the lotuses were no slouch either. Green leaves formed by the Nether Flames scoured the vicinity, seeming to burn the very air they rampaged through. But when faced with the fire lotuses, they dwindled and shrank in size.

The cloaked assailant was utterly flabbergasted by the scene that’d unfolded before him.He’d seen the Bewitching Lotus back attack the Goldensable Fleeceflower, but it’d only shown its vine-like properties when entangling with the Golden Vines. Its dual fire and ice properties had remained hidden. 

Now that they were on show, a completely dumbfounding sight.

The appearance of the Nether Flames usually guaranteed victory. Even fellow geniuses had learned to avoid his fire. It was an unknown whether the top geniuses of the eight houses this time would be able to beat...

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