Chapter 159: Some Houses Rejoice, Some Houses are Sorrowful

Chapter 159: Some Houses Rejoice, Some Houses are Sorrowful

What Jiang Chen hadn’t anticipated, was that Shi Xiaoyao’s next move would actually be to sweep all of the wine cups on the table to the side.

He reached into his shirt and actually took out a cup made of old vines.

At this moment, a man as crude as Shi Xiaoyao was actually handling this cup made of old vines with a look of tenderness on his face — as if he was caressing his own newborn daughter. He was careful, soft, and his face was filled with a gentle look.

In this instant, Jiang Chen saw the shadow of an alcoholic in Shi Xiaoyao.

“Jiang Chen, the last time that I tasted the Nine Magnificence Dew Wine was with this same cup made of old vines. I had but a bit of fortune and destiny, and didn’t have the chance to taste it again. However, I possessed thick skin, and although I couldn’t taste the wine again, I happened to bring the cup home with me. Heh heh...”

Shi Xiayao leered just a bit, as if appropriating such a thing wasn’t a shameful thing, but rather something to be proud of.

“I’d been suspicious for just a second whether you were able to really bring the Nine Magnificence Dew Wine. Now, I believe you much more because you know about a cup made of old vines!”

The cup made of old vines is the best vessel to drink the Nine Magnificence Dew Wine with. Shi Xiaoyao had originally heard this from someone else as well.

Therefore, Shi Xiaoyao hadn’t been angered by Jiang Chen’s words just now, but rather had become overjoyed.

Putting the cup made of old vines carefully onto the table, Shi Xiaoyao actually closed his eyes. “Jiang Chen, if you’re lying to me, then get the hell out now. Since you’ve mentioned the cup made of old vines, I can let you go this one time. If you’re here in earnest, pour the wine!”

The Nine Magnificence Dew Wine proceeded to land in the cup made of old vines like ancient nectar. The sound that it gave rise to was as if a babbling mountain spring that had its own mesmerizing rhythm.

In the span of a moment, all artistic conceptions seemed to meld into this Nine Magnificence Dew Wine. It was as if the surroundings on all sides had turned into a deep mountain valley that was filled with all sorts of exotic flowers and grass. A clear mountain spring flowed slowly through it, making one free of mind, and happy of heart.

Shi Xiaoyao’s entire body spasmed, as his tightly shut eyes suddenly opened.

The next moment, this vice head of the Myriad Treasures Palace, one of the few characters who held significant power within the Skylaurel Kingdom, actually began to bawl like a child!

Tears covered his face!

His lips trembled. “Who would’ve thought that after so many years, I, Shi Xiaoyao, would actually have the good fortune to once again meet the Nine Magnificence Dew Wine!”

He raised the cup made of old vines and placed it next to his lips, seemingly wanting to mobilize his six senses and all the strength in his entire body in order to drink the Nine Magnificence Dew Wine.

When the wine entered his mouth, it was as if Shi Xiaoyao was an old monk who’d entered a trance — he was petrified.

This feeling was just too wondrous and too unforgettable.

This was the taste that had always been in his dreams, the taste that he’d always been preoccupied with.

“Heh heh, Vice Head Shi, cry if you’d like. I know that you told Feng Yan to get out because you were afraid of your subordinate seeing you lose your composure. How embarrassing would that have been!”

Shi Xiaoyao chuckled and scratched his head. “Jiang Chen you brat, you saw through even this. It looks like I’ve truly underestimated you.”

“How’s the wine?”

Shi Xiaoyao sighed. “I only have three words, ‘death without regret’.”

‘Death without regret’ meant that after tasting this wine, even if he, Shi Xiaoyao, immediately died, he’d have no regrets whatsoever.

What compliment could be higher than this?

Jiang Chen chuckled and pushed the jug of wine forward. “Vice Head Shi, a hero knows another. If it wasn’t for you going to this trouble on my behalf for the Dragonteeth Guard matter, then you likely wouldn’t have even been able to taste this Nine Magnificence Dew Wine this quickly. This jug of wine is all yours.”

“What?” Shi Xiaoyao jumped up and held onto the jug with a death grip from both hands, as his eyes blinked shiftily. “Jiang Chen, don’t regret this now.”

“A treasured sword is given to a martyr, and rouge given to a beautiful lady. Isn’t it a much better thing if the Nine Magnificence Dew Wine is gifted to someone who understands wine like Vice Head Shi, rather than having those ignorant buffoons drink it?”

Shi Xiaoyao chuckled. “I like hearing talk such as this.”

“Mm. Then I won’t disturb Vice Head Shi from tasting beautiful wine.” Jiang Chen rose and prepared to leave.

Shi Xiaoyao started. He’d thought that Jiang Chen would make some sort of request. He’d already mentally prepared himself so that, no matter what Jiang Chen asked for, he’d strive to fulfill it to the best of his abilities.

Who would’ve thought that Jiang Chen would leave without mentioning any requests at all.

“Wait a moment!” It was Shi Xiaoyao who found it a bit difficult to hold onto his face now. He had thick skin, but it wasn’t thick enough to the point of drinking someone else’s wine, and not indicating anything in return.

“Jiang Chen, you materialized my wish for me. According to the promise that I left in the Wishing Tower, I must help you obtain a position of at least a fifth rank noble. However, with your abilities, being a fifth rank noble is beneath you. How about this: I’ll strive my hardest and promise that I’ll get you at least a position of fourth rank, and will try quite hard for third rank. How about that?”

“Vice Head Shi is a man of his word alright.”

“Haha, I won’t keep you today. I’m going to embrace this jug of Nine Magnificence Dew Wine in my sleep tonight. No one can stop me.” Shi Xiaoyao cackled heartily, in an exceedingly great mood.

On the Southern Palace side, Qiao Baishi rubbed his cheek, his face bright red, and a complex mix of emotions within his heart. He stood there, a bit at a loss on what to do.

This was because, just moments before, the dignified and graceful Elder Ning had completey disregarded the etiquette of a noblewoman, and had fiercely kissed him whilst hugging him.

“Baishi, I’ve discovered that I may truly love you to death.” Elder Ning chuckled as she carefully checked her face, neck, and even the back of her ears in a bronze mirror.

“This is too amazing! Baishi, do you believe if you sold this pill, that at least ninety percent of the women beneath the heavens will want to sleep with you?”

Qiao Baishi was speechless. What could he say to that?

Elder Ning’s exaggerated performance had already fully portrayed the effects of the Four Seasons Eternal Spring Pill.

A powerful and influential elder who had lost her composure so utterly in such a short amount of time; it was patently obvious how crazy this pill was.

“Baishi, look at me here. I had some eye bags before, but now, they’re all gone. And here, I had a small freckle here before, and I was fretting endlessly over it! Hehe, it’s gone now as well. And, I felt that my skin was a bit dry before and was lacking in elasticity, but now… don’t you see? Isn’t it so delicate and tender? Heh heh, Baishi, why aren’t you saying anything? Hurry and come over and take a look for me.”

This was a woman. No matter how high her position, or how much power she held, she was still a woman.

The nature of a woman had been utterly revealed, without a doubt, in this moment.

Qiao Baishi had also finally witnessed just how crazy women could get when they pursued beauty.

Elder Ning touched her face on the left and right, appearing a bit worried about the personal gains and losses. “Baishi, do you think that others will still recognize me if I walk out like this? If they don’t recognize me, it’d also be a bit inconvenient.”

Qiao Baishi laughed ruefully, “Elder, you were born a heavenly beauty — this Four Seasons Eternal Spring Pill is only adding brilliance to your already present splendor. Your original foundation is there, and your uncommon presence is there as well. Unless they’re blind, whoever can’t recognize you has something wrong with their brain.”

With this bit of fawning flattery, Elder Ning began glowing even brighter with health. She was like a blossoming flower — uncontrollable in her magnificence.

“Baishi, look at you. You’ve such a sweet mouth and are so competent. And this pill recipe... I truly am a bit afraid.” Elder Ning suddenly became a bit depressed.

“Afraid?” Qiao Baishi started.

“Sigh. Yes.” Elder Ning walked over and sat down next to Qiao Baishi. “You’re so talented that one day, you’re destined to shine brilliantly with your radiance. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to part from you, and also afraid that someone will steal you away from me.”

Qiao Baishi had thought that she was joking at first, but extremely complicated emotions were in Elder Ning’s eyes. It seemed that she truly was genuinely worried.

“I owe a debt of being understood and well treated by Elder Ning. It is my honor to be of assistance to Elder Ning.”

“Baishi, do you truly think this way?” Elder Ning’s eyes held a gaze of abundant joy.

“Absolutely, without a doubt.” Qiao Baishi said.

“No, no.” Elder Ning shook her head again. “I can’t be this selfish. I wouldn’t be able to bear it if you were my subordinate. Baishi, with your talents, you should at least be an elder.”

Qiao Baishi laughed, “I’m a foreigner who’s only just arrived in the Skylaurel Kingdom. I’ll feel quite reassured if I can solidly remain at Elder Ning’s side and assist you. It’s impractical to have too many thoughts.”

Elder Ning didn’t speak, only got up lightly and walked in front of the mirror, as she looked at herself in the mirror’s reflection and sank into deep contemplation.

One had to say that, although Shi Xiaoyao appeared crude, he was actually quite a particular person. He was quite efficient as he’d obtained a fourth ranked noble’s position for Jiang Chen the next day, and also gifted him a large manor within the nobles’ section.

This was an unexpected joy.

Jiang Chen hadn’t thought that a jug of Nine Magnificence Dew Wine would be worth so much. Shi Xiaoyao had resolved his issue of a noble’s identity as well as a residency.

This efficiency was seriously high.

Vice Director Yang Zhao was another person who was highly efficient. He’d utilized almost all channels in the past two days, and had finally gathered all of the items on the list within the two days.

“Uncle, you want me to bring these items to Jiang Chen? To offer gifts and apologize?” Lu Wuji’s face was resolute as he cried out, “I’m not going!”

“You’re not going? If not you, then who?” Yang Zhao said angrily.

“Didn’t you already go once uncle? It’s always awkward at first, but it gets easier afterwards. You should go again this time.” It would feel worse to Lu Wuji for him to go meet Jiang Chen now, than it would be to kill him.

“Lu Wuji, are your brains filled with water? I go? What if Jiang Chen doesn’t buy it if I go? Fine, you don’t have to go. But if the matter of the three great sites isn’t resolved, you’ll bear the brunt of the general director’s fury. I’ve always treated you as my own son. You’re a fine one alright, disappointing me time after time!”

Lu Wuji was unafraid of anything beneath the heavens or earth because of this uncle. Now that he saw that Yang Zhao was truly angry, he softened at once.

“Uncle, don’t be like this. On behalf of my deceased mother…”

“Stop mentioning your mother, I’ll throw you out immediately if you keep talking about her! I’ll ask you again, are you going or not?”

Lu Wuji realized that his trump card was ineffective, and grit his teeth as he said with a bitter expression, “I’ll go. I’ll go then!”

Lu Wuji knew that if he didn’t go this time, he’d likely lose his uncle’s affections forever.

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