Chapter 159: Some Houses Rejoice, Some Houses are Sorrowful

Chapter 159: Some Houses Rejoice, Some Houses are Sorrowful

What Jiang Chen hadn’t anticipated, was that Shi Xiaoyao’s next move would actually be to sweep all of the wine cups on the table to the side.

He reached into his shirt and actually took out a cup made of old vines.

At this moment, a man as crude as Shi Xiaoyao was actually handling this cup made of old vines with a look of tenderness on his face — as if he was caressing his own newborn daughter. He was careful, soft, and his face was filled with a gentle look.

In this instant, Jiang Chen saw the shadow of an alcoholic in Shi Xiaoyao.

“Jiang Chen, the last time that I tasted the Nine Magnificence Dew Wine was with this same cup made of old vines. I had but a bit of fortune and destiny, and didn’t have the chance to taste it again. However, I possessed thick skin, and although I couldn’t taste the wine again, I happened to bring the cup home with me. Heh heh...”

Shi Xiayao leered just a bit, as if appropriating such a thing wasn’t a shameful thing, but rather something to be proud of.

“I’d been suspicious for just a second whether you were able to really bring the Nine Magnificence Dew Wine. Now, I believe you much more...

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