Chapter 1589: A Showdown Between Geniuses

They were both equally matched in speed, and engaged in a cat and mouse pursuit around a remote valley. Since Jiang Chen wanted to test his opponent’s limits, he coolly refrained from using his other techniques. It was purely a contest of agility.   

What exactly is his background? Suspicion and shock struck Jiang Chen. He couldn’t recall there being such a person in the thousand-plus candidates entering the Blackwraith Mountains.

His foe was firmly enshrouded by a black cloak which added to his mysteriousness. One could only be certain that he wasn’t one of the candidates.

Are there other factions in the Blackwraith Mountains? A chill travelled down Jiang Chen’s spine. Who can he possibly be?

He could sense that his foe had yet to step into empyrean realm, which made him even more suspicious. He should’ve been able to dominate all foes beneath empyrean realm, yet...

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