Chapter 1588: To Profit Off Of Others

Jiang Chen’s sword formation appeared to be a scattered attack, but every sword struck the same point with incredible frequency and concentration. This potency was one of the defining characteristics of the formation. The sword lights formed a surprisingly concentrated cloud of radiant assault. 

The Golden Python sensed the threat as soon as Jiang Chen approached within a few thousand meters. It remained in disguise to attempt a lethal sneak attack.

But Jiang Chen was much wiser than the average impulsive cultivator as he happened to know the Goldensable Fleeceflower’s tendencies far better than most. He was more than prepared for the dangers surrounding the herb. Rather than blindly approach it, he chose the most advantageous path after lengthy consideration.

The python could only rely on its instinctive cunning and natural penchant for concealment. In terms of intelligence, it had...

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