Chapter 1587: Goldensable Fleeceflower

Though Jiang Chen had gone deep into the mountains, he was just as in the dark as everyone else about the true purpose of the trial. He didn’t know that the conspiracy that brewed just outside, and that a killing net had begun to close.

Having been locked away for centuries, the mountains’ foothills were filled with vegetation. There was often nowhere to stand in the dense forest and underbrush. Some of the trees were girthy enough to require many people to span.

The spirit energy within the mountains was dense and plentiful, filled with a sinister, depressive element. It was a veritable breeding ground for all kinds of spirit entities.

Jiang Chen reaped a fair number of prizes along the way. Many of the rather unassuming florae had uses that were largely unknown. Though none were particularly amazing spirit herbs, all were rare enough to have distinct support purposes.

“The variety of spirit herbs in the Blackwraith...

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