Chapter 1586: A Stunning Secret

The chief warden nodded after spending a moment on the list. “Prepare yourselves,” he waved. “The formation opens very soon!”

A group of formation masters under the chief’s command started unlocking the formation on the outskirts of the Blackwraith Mountains, heralding the inception of the trial.

“The Blackwraith Mountains have been sealed off for three hundred years. No doubt countless beasts and evil presences have cropped up during that time. You have two goals for this trial: one, survival, and two, harvest. You have half a month ahead of you. Those that fail to last that long are considered to have failed. Only those who manage to persist the entire term are eligible for ranking. 

“We will tabulate the top hundred geniuses with precise scores. You will be ranked according to what you harvest. Remember, everything within the Blackwraith Mountains carries its own unique mark. Don’t bother trying to pretend with your own belongings. Any...

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