Chapter 1584: Honored Guests Arrive

Nefarious Vale had brought just as many men as Sin City. Evidently, they considered the trial just as important. The lord of the Vale had come himself, bringing all his best experts. The commotion alone was incredible.

Terminus Place’s men arrived not long after as well.

The three major factions now accounted for, the second and third-rate factions of Winterdraw slowly poured in.


At the chief warden’s headquarters, the chief and his subordinates stood at the side of a road in welcome. Everyone in attendance was very neatly dressed and somber.

The latest news from the Isles was that the imperial family had descended upon Winterdraw, honored guests from more important factions in tow. Moreover, they were all about to arrive very soon.

The chief found it hard to remain calm. This was a glowing moment of history for Winterdraw, probably more important than any before! Those who’d come in the past had been from the local imperial family at most. But this time, important guests from the...

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