Chapter 1583: The Blackwraith Mountains

One day during Jiang Chen’s perusal in the library, he received a summons from the city lord himself. All the geniuses who’d been selected were called together.

The selection had yielded three hundred odd people through the qualifiers and the elite round. Of those, two hundred or so were staying at the city lord manor. Jiang Chen and Su Hong were some of the finest among their ranks.

Xie Wushang personally received them all. A broad smile was drawn over his face. “My friends, I know you’ve been familiarizing yourself with the manor over the past few days. That’s why I didn’t call you together to speak with you. Today, I have an important piece of news that you should know about!”

Everyone perked their ears in curiosity.

Xie Wushang’s expression didn’t seem to indicate anything bad, Jiang Chen noted.

“I’ve just received good news from the chief warden. One of the dangerous zones in Winterdraw will be opened to us for use as a trial....

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